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Objective #1

Promote the European open strategic autonomy in key integration & packaging technologies and related value chains

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Objective #2

Develop sensing devices and components allowing for reaching the new green deal objectives

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Objective #3

Reinforce EU industrial leadership in high performance multi-sensing systems and components in healthcare & environmental monitoring and protection


Advances in the miniaturisation of optoelectronic components have been largely driven by the demand for cheap, efficient and accurate sensing and fast information processing, in a multiplicity of applications.

Ultra-fast and low-power nanoscale optoelectronic devices are aimed towards systems for use in chemical and biological sensing technologies, high-performance computing, energy-efficient lighting, integrated healthcare devices, environmental monitoring and more.

M3NIR makes use of such miniaturised optoelectronic building blocks, to create a modular, highly adaptable and efficient multi-sensing platform, which will be validated in the domains of healthcare and environmental monitoring. The project makes also use of novel schemes for component integration and packaging, while it revolves around the Ge-on-SOI platform developed by imec.

The project achievement will be validated in three different use cases:

1.Environmental monitoring using a drone-mounted gas sensor

2.water analysis by employing IoT-compatible sensors

3.breath analysis for the determination of metabolic ratio and health status monitoring

Scientific & Technological Objectives

Objective #1

Develop a modular laser-based multi-sensing spectroscopic sensor platform (M3NIR) that allows measuring a wide range of chemicals, in the liquid and gas phase

Objective #2

Develop the microfluidics, integration, and packaging schemes necessary for the M3NIR platform to function effectively

Objective #3

Develop a data acquisition and analysis toolkit, allowing more efficient data processing & intelligence extraction

Objective #4

Development of Quantum Cascade Laser chips, tailored for integration in the M3NIR sensory systems

Objective #5

Develop environmental sensing capabilities (gas and liquids analysis), based on the M3NIR platform

Objective #6

Develop medical/exhaled breath analysis capabilities, based on the M3NIR platform

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