Highlights from the M3NIR 4th General Meeting in Valencia

The M3NIR 4th General Meeting successfully convened on January 18th and 19th in Valencia, marking a significant milestone in our project implementation journey. This gathering allowed us to assess the progress made during the first year and strategize for the upcoming months.

During the meeting, M3NIR consortium partners came together to review accomplishments, address challenges, and share valuable insights gained from the project’s initial phase, collaborative initiatives among other innovative projects. The event served as a joint platform, fostering open discussions within a diverse range of topics. These included the design of modular broadband mid-IR emission modules, cost-effective manufacturing of modular mid-IR laser sources, driving and readout electronics for tailored low-energy consumption sensing, design and fabrication of modular components, tailored microfluidics, and the design and fabrication of hollow waveguides. Equally important was the preparation towards bench-top validations of the M3NIR miniaturized sensing modules, which will be crucial as the project progresses into its second year of implementation.

In-person collaboration played a pivotal role in unifying our visions and aligning with the requirements and specifications of project use cases — environmental monitoring of gases, water quality analysis, and breath analysis for health status monitoring. We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants and partners for their invaluable contributions to the success of the meeting. Special thanks are due to our partner, VLC Photonics S.L., for graciously hosting this event.

General meeting Valencia for M3NIR

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