The team of professionals in the field of photonics and advanced multi-sensing systems officially opens the M3NIR project.

M3NIR (Integrated, Modular, Multisensing, Mid- and Near- IR sensing platform) project with the aim
to develop innovative photonics-based sensing approaches officially starts at the Kick-off meeting
hosted by project coordinator IMEC. The international consortium of 13 partners from 9 European
countries physically meets in Genth, Belgium. During the meeting on 12 th to 13 th of January project
partners plan to discuss general requirements for EU funded projects, initial project coordination
and information exchange arrangements, compose project management structures, set relevant
milestones for the forthcoming developments and indicative dates for the next meetings.
The whole team is looking forward to work on innovative solutions for environmental monitoring of
greenhouse gases, detection of phosphates in the water, and exhaled breath analysis for health and
well-being-related applications!

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